Cobra T-Rail Combo Irons - steel/graphite

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Cobra T-Rail Combo Golf Irons
Iron Precision With Longer Hybrid Distance

The new Cobra T-Rail Combo Set allows distance and forgiveness join forces in a unique iron-hybrid set to help you experience the easiest golf of your life.

Each club in the set is designed with a hollow body that propels the ball off the face with enviable speed. For the first time, the entire set is equipped with Baffler Rails to improve turf interaction and club speed from a variety of lies.

Designed for speed, a high strength steel face with variable thickness E9 pattern ensures that no ball speed is left behind, even on off centre hits. With hybrid like forgiveness throughout the set, a wide sole moves the CG low and deep in every club, so you can benefit from easy-up ball flights in your long irons down to your wedges.

A combination set that allows you to have more forgiveness in the longer irons by replacing them with hybrids. The hybrids are easier to hit from multiple lies and launch the ball higher for improve long iron game control.

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