Odyssey Eleven S Golf Putter

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Odyssey's exciting new Eleven S combines the hugely popular White Hot insert and Stroke Lab shaft technology with an innovative head shape for outstanding forgiveness, feel and consistency for game-changing performance on the greens.

Eleven S is a toe-hang mallet design targeting golfers with a moderate rotation in their putting stroke.

The Eleven shape focuses on extreme forgiveness and ease of alignment, taking inspiration from Odyssey's major winning Ten shape. The compact and modern design offers outstanding MOI qualities thanks to perimeter weighting while also framing the ball perfectly for super-easy aiming, delivering precise accuracy on every putt.

Eleven's multi-material construction moves the CG location forward by almost .25" compared to other leading mallets. This creates much tighter dispersion and improves distance control on off centre strikes for much more consistency.

Odyssey's ultra-successful and tour-proven White Hot insert is back for Eleven, featuring all the original feel, sound and formulations that made it the most popular insert of all time for an irresistable impact sensation, while a super lightweight TPU sole insert also reduces unwanted impact vibrations.

To complete Eleven, the innovative multi-material Stroke Lab shaft design features. By shortening the steel section of the shaft, it allows Odyssey engineers to save 7g. This weight saving allows mass to be redistributed to the head and grip sections, allowing Odyssey engineers to completely rebalance the putter for significantly improved tempo and consistency throughout each stroke.

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