Titleist TSR3 Golf Fairway Wood


Precision Tuned Performance. The new TSR3 Fairway offers precise control with a lower, deeper CG and an improved 5-position SureFit Adjustable CG Track System for dependable scoring performance targeting better players.

Designed for ultimate trajectory control, the TSR3 Fairways’ SureFit Adjustable CG Track System now features five positions that cover a range of adjustability that is both wider and more precise. Players can fine-tune performance quickly, with a track that is also easier to adjust.

With player-tuned performance, TSR3 looks, sounds and feels powerful. Everything about this club is designed to encourage you to hit it square and long, with total control over where you place it. By using the innovative new open hosel construction as seen in TSR2, engineers were able to shift the centre of gravity in TSR3 Fairways deeper and slightly lower while also locating it closer to the centre of the face. The result is more forgiveness and an easier, higher launch.

Available in a variety of premium shafts from Tour-trusted manufacturers, every player and swing profile can be fit to an ideal match.

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